The human brain is not static. Interestingly, you have the power to determine your brain’s functions. Many people assume we are stuck with the brain we were born with. This is why some people assume some children and adults are naturally gifted to perform well in whatever they do. However, with the effective brain booster, anyone with low productivity can see a change in their performance. 

These activities can help improve your brain’s capacity and intelligence. 


A few minutes of meditation daily will help clear your mind and leave you prepared for any mental activity. If your days are hectic and you barely have time to sit back and relax, early morning meditation will help you cope. 

Breathing exercises is one of the activities you will discover when you enrol in online brain training. This is an important activity for children and adults because it helps to improve blood circulation to the brain. 

Regular physical exercise

When you exercise, you are not just working your body. Remember, your body cannot function without brain activity. The brain controls virtually everything you do or feel. 

Think about it, has there been a time when you were sick and were able to make sound decisions because your brain remained active? You probably pick even one moment because the brain and body are interconnected. 

When your body is in excellent shape, your brain will function optimally. When you are unwell, your brain is not as alert as it usually is. So, when you exercise, you are working on your brain’s functions as well.  

Physical exercises are a brain booster because they are essential for the development of new brain cells. 

Play board and online games

Online brain training has hundreds of games for adults and children. Games encourage you to use and develop various skills, including critical think and decision making. Some of these games become more complex each time you master a level. 

This pushes your brain to think deeper and look at things from a different perspective. Online games should never be seen as a waste of time. They are brain boosters and a great way to relax when your brain is exhausted after intense activity. 

If you are concerned about the things your child does online, you can introduce him to activities that are helpful to his brain’s development. There games for children of all ages. Besides testing your child’s brain capability, your child’s attention and interest in completing tasks will improve, especially if he finds a game he enjoys. 


Social media, long work hours, and other responsibilities have pushed reading to the back seat for many Singaporean adults. A National Reading Habits Study on adults and children shows that only 25% of adults pick up a book to read, compared to 40% of teenagers. People who once spent their free time reading now spend it on social media. 

Not that there is anything inappropriate with social media. However, reading, whether it is a hardcover book or an e-book, is vital for your brain. 

If you were an avid reader before life happened, can you identify differences in your thinking process and memory? You probably spend more time today trying to recall a word that would have naturally come to you during your reading days. 

Reading is no doubt a brain booster and a necessary activity for people of all ages.

These are some of the brain booster activities you can undertake. There is so much more you can do to ensure optimal brain activity. Some of these activities could easily turn into a hobby. The brain has no limitation. You can be as productive as you wish by preparing your brain adequately.