It is very common to hear that other kids are improving very fast. You might also be showered with various concepts on child rising. All these indicate that sending your kids to school will not help all-round developments of your kids.

It is natural that, as a responsible parent, you would like to get your kids enrolled in enrichment classes for honing their latent skills. These classes work in an interactive and engaging ambiance so that the kids develop a natural love for learning different skills. While schools prepare your kids for exams, these classes focus on learning various life skills.

Plenty of enrichment classes are there across the island making it challenging to pick the right one for your kids. There are several factors like the interest of the child, the curriculum, the class environment, etc. One must consider all these before committing to something.

The article by Open Schoolbag dwells on ways to choose the right enrichment classes in Singapore for your kids.

How to Choose the Right Enrichment Class for Your Kid

Recently we start to receive many queries on how to choose the right enrichment classes for your precious one. Yes, we know there are many centres out there offering the most interesting and unique classes and learning experiences. How do you then decide what is most important to polish the hidden shine in your kid? Read more here!

Are enrichment classes a real need for the kids?

Getting the babies enrolled in some enrichment classes is what the Singaporean parents are crazy about now. As the kid reaches 18 months, mounting pressures are there to arrange for their enrichment.

These classes should be designed to create an engaging environment where the kids can have stimuli as per their interests.  It helps the kids to nurture their latent skills and develop to the next level. They must also include meaningful programs so that the kids stand a better chance to get to the next level. It is possible when the parents choose the right school and decide on the classes to keep and skip.

Some parents make such a tight schedule of weekend classes that horrifies corporate executives.  Such situations only make the children stressed and they cannot reap any benefit. As such, the parents should strike a balance so that the children are not robbed of their childhood.

This article by Edunloaded dwells on every aspect of enrichment classes in Singapore.

Do my kids need Enrichment Classes?

As your kids hit 18 months, there is a subtle pressure to send your kids for enrichment. When the kids hit 4yo, there is another surge of pressure to send your kids for even more classes especially on the weekends. From language classes, music lessons, swimming, fencing, phonics, taekwondo, art, speech and drama…the list goes on. Read more here!

What to consider for choosing enrichment classes?

Children have eager minds and they learn every day. So, if they are placed in a stimulating environment, it helps to grow their interest and they easily pass to the next stage of development.  For this reason, Singaporean parents spend a lot of time and effort to get their kids in enrichment classes. As Singaporeholds a plethora of such classes all over the island, selecting a program becomes a daunting task.

Such classes do not have the rigidity of the traditional classrooms. They are designed to help explore the full potential of the kids. Designed in a fun and interactive way, these classes can help to hone the latent skill of the kids besides learning academics, languages, and various life & social skills.

As such choosing such classes is quite challenging. One has to consider the child and their interests. There are several other vital factors as well. This article by Singapore’s Child gives in-depth insights on factors to consider for choosing enrichment classes in Singapore.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing An Enrichment Class For Your Child

Enrichment classes are meant to help realize your child’s potential. It’s a place that extends learning opportunities for them, nurtures their skills, and allows them to meet equally talented children. 

So while enrichment centers in Singapore promise the best learning experience for your child, here are other things that you need to consider before enrolling your child in one. Read more here!