Every budding kid in Singapore needs a good start to bloom in a highly competitive environment!

Singaporean parents are now crazy about getting their kids enrolled in enrichment classes. It is a great way to support the learning skill of their kids. These classes also help to hone their hidden talents and develop a champion mindset to achieve excellence.

These enrichment classes cover a wide range of subjects. They include programs for learning Mandarin, English, and French. Moreover, these classes also have a holistic program to teach the basic skills for Math, brain development, speech & drama, etiquette, science, art, baking, dance, coding, and sports.

These classes have a nurturing ambiance and always try to teach through interactive activities. Joining these classes the kids also learn socializing with peers of the same age and make new friends. These go a long way to boost up their motivation.

The article by The New Age Parents rounds up some of the best enrichment classesin Singapore.

Best Enrichment Classes 2020

From budding entrepreneurs, future innovators, to charismatic speakers, we round up the best enrichment courses across the island for kids from 6 months old to Primary 6. If you’re looking for a programme that breaks away from usual rote learning, this is the programme for your child. Developed by global early childhood literacy experts, this Reading & Writing programme is designed to not only greatly enhance your child’s ability to read and write, but to also instill a champion mindset for confidence and effective cognitive learning. Read more here!

These enrichment classes benefit your kids academically and emotionally

Every parent wants to give their kid a good start for success in life. This is why the Singaporean parents are sending their kids enrolled in the enrichment classes. It is common to see that the Singaporean kids are attending after-school classes in the kindergarten stage.

Academics are vital for future success. But reading and reading all the time makes the kids unhappy. So you need to provide the kids with some extra-curricular activities so that they can grow as a well-rounded citizen and teamwork.

Getting them enrolled in music lessons, coding workshops, phonic classes, financial & literary workshops, and third language classes can be rewarding. Such classes give the kids a great relief from the monotony of academics all the time and also help to spark their interest. If your kid grows an interest in coding that could be a nice gateway to a lucrative career in software technology.

The article by Joanne Poh tells about five enrichment classesfor extracurricular activities in Singapore.

5 Enrichment Classes That Can Really Pay Off For You and Your Kid

Kids are many things—sometimes cute, sometimes bratty, but always expensive. At least in Singapore, where keeping any human being alive, whether yourself or a little version of yourself, costs a pretty penny, especially when you have to enroll them in enrichment classes. As a parent, you want to do more than keep your kid alive. You want to give him a decent shot at life and success, whatever the latter means for you. Read more here!

These enrichment classes can ignite the senses of the kids

Sending kids to enrichment classes is the current craze in Singapore. Singaporean parents are rushing their kids from one class to another during the weekend.  They do it for many reasons like brain development and academics. Some parents are also getting their kids in such classes for socialization and fun learning with other kids. But wherever you send your kids, that should not be a baby sitter and worthy of the time and money spent.

Sending your kids to speech and drama classes is an excellent way to develop a love for arts and literature at an early age. This helps to build communication skills in later life. As they join the learning lab, they develop a love for learning. And different sports activities develop their fitness and personality. These classes also include music lessons. These help to develop cognitive abilities and help them to perform.

The article by Nasreen Majid dwells on some of the top and worthy enrichment classes in Singapore.

Top enrichment classes in Singapore that are totally worth it!

We all know that enrichment classes in Singapore are highly sought after! Many Singaporean parents spend the most part of their weekend rushing their kids from one enrichment class to another.

But just why the parents invest so much of time, money, and energy for enrichment classes in Singapore?  Read more here!