Enrichment classes have turned to be a craze in Singapore now. Singaporean parents are now getting carried away with the trend and are tempted to add as many activities as possible to their kids’ routine. But these can only yield desired results when these are designed based on the age group in a creative way. This will keep the kids busy with fun learning.

Kids respond best to the stimuli. Keeping them engaged in creative learning provides a great source of fun and entertainment. These classes are divided into four groups: Baby (up to 18 months), Toddler (18 to 36 months), Pre-school (3 to 7 years), and Junior (7 to 12 years). If you are looking for enrichment classes in Singapore, you can find out more here.

The activities help brain development, motor skill development, and cognitive abilities. Swimming and gymnastics are also included. Plenty of sports activities help to develop teamwork and social skills.

The article by Harper’s Bazaar rounds up the top 40 enrichment classes in Singapore that can keep your kids busy during holidays and beyond.

The Top 40 Enrichment Classes Of 2017

BAZAAR Junior rounds up the most popular courses from across the island that will keep your little ones busy during the March holidays and beyond. Little ones respond best to stimulation at this age. So keep them entertained with creative classes that provide a great source of stimuli and fun. Read more here!

There are reasons to get your kids in enrichment classes

Your children need a head-start in life. Studies reveal that early exposure to various learning skills helps the overall growth of the children. The enrichment classes are great for this. They dip into creativity to nurture the hidden skills of the children. This is why over 90% of Singaporean kids have pre-school experiences.

These classes are uniquely designed to improve various life skills. They include age-based learning programs for babies, toddlers, and grown-ups.  It includes swimming, music, art, language, gymnastics, and many more. All these help the children to be active and fit.

The classes are conducted in interactive and engaging ways. So, the kids enjoy the classes and, naturally, the impetus for learning develops. These classes also help the children learn alternative and creative ways and it goes a long way for learning ahead. They can have better exposure to different disciplines and life skills.

This article by Women’s Weekly gives great insights into the top enrichment classes in Singapore.

The Best 20 Enrichment Classes For Singapore Kids In 2018

This March holidays, expand your kids’ repertoires with these enrichment classes for swimming, Maths, art and more. With classes available for infants to primary school children, there’s sure to be something for everyone
Help your children start to recognise shapes through this 45-minute interactive storytelling workshop for babies from 7 to 17 months old. Together with your child, discover the different magnificent shapes created by Fawn and her friendly spider friends.
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Know the different types of enrichment classes in Singapore

Maybe your kid is young, but time is precious. So, they must be given all opportunities to expand their knowledge as early as possible. During this time the kids shift between playtimes and class times. Thus, they face the challenge of adapting to the education system and foreign environment. This is why enrichment classes matter and there are over 850 centers for enrichment and tuition in Singapore.

Working in a fun and interactive way, these classes can sow the seeds of knowledge and wisdom into the little darlings that they will remember throughout their lives. There are English learning classes including reading workshops and writing workshops. These classes prepare kids for better reading and creative writing.

The kids also take part in the theater. It helps them to grow self-image and respect for others. Moreover, the cooking classes and cultural programs also help to boost up teamwork and social skills.

This article by Lesa Sims talks about different types of enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore.

Types Of Enrichment Classes

Your pre-schooler might be young, but his or her time is already precious. At this juncture, your child is gradually trading in his or her play time for classroom lessons, which means that he or she is challenged with adapting to both an education system as well as to new foreign environments. However, enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore have been proven to impart skills, pearls of wisdom and values that a child retains for the rest of his or her life, so choosing the right classes is of paramount importance.  Read more here!